About our Simple Surprises store

About our Simple Surprises store


Hello everyone!

Thank you so much for visiting our Simple Surprises store, and for checking out our products and story.


Simple Surprises first box idea came from our own family tradition of 'Saturday Family Movie Night In'!. As a family we get together, pick a top film (or fight over who got to choose this week!) and then purchase all of our favourite treats, curl up on the sofa and settle down for the night.

We thought this would be a fantastic thing to be able to share with others, and also be able to gift to others annnnd... this is where our first Gift Box Experience was born!

Since then we have been on a mission to help create amazing memories for friends, families and loved ones all over the UK through our unique Gift Box experiences!

We'll be adding to our range as soon as possible, in the meantime please enjoy our boxes and let us know your thoughts for the future.

Enjoy, and thanks again!!

The Dearden Family x